How a Futurist Can Turn Your Life Around

Oftentimes, when a person is experiencing life challenges, he or she goes to a psychologist, counselor, or a life coach. But it’s very seldom that they will look for a futurist to help them solve their problems. Futurists are not common as people thought that they are similar to a fortune teller. This impression is far from the truth. If you are looking for a change but would like to approach it in a more scientific method, a futurist may help you tremendously.

Creative Problem Solving and Psychotherapy

meditationFuturists will do several scientific methods in solving problems. To diminish the client’s “resistance” and “skepticism”, they will use psychotherapy to let the client relay his thought process which will be used for later sessions. You’ll be amazed at how creative the problem-solving session could be. It could discuss topics surrounding in your business such as cheap website traffic and your personal issues. The main objective is to solve the problems effectively, so the client can focus on the future relatively.

Strategic Planning

To curate a future you desire for yourself, you need a plan. Life happens to man, but how we respond to it depends on us. Madame Tussaud decided that she will devote her life to the arts. Her fame didn’t happen overnight. She planned with a strong strategy that led her to where she is now. It’s not going to be an Amsterdam Heineken experience. It’s going to be difficult because a good strategy requires a lot of thinking. A futurist can help you with strategic planning.


Policy Analysis and Future Research

Executing your strategies to reach the dreams you have for your life are also affected by some external factors which are uncontrollable by you. A future can also determine these factors for you. The best plan is to plan with contingencies. We all have to be ready for what’s ahead. The next time you plan on what to do in Amsterdam, watch out for the things that may affect future plans.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four in sharpening the axe” – Your dreams are possible. But first, you have to do your homework.