Group Sessions

The studies made by Dr Markley are so powerful. For some, it will sound superficial at first. But Dr Markley used strict research techniques in writing his work. He used reliable resources and also pieces of literature which greatly impacted our perception of the world. In our group sessions, you will discover some truths in your thinking. They could be positively helping you or in reverse. We will touch on three integrated levels of consciousness:


In this part of the session, we will tackle the lower and higher aspects of oneself. The lower aspect discusses your ego and your thought process. The higher aspect is about the consciousness that transcends in time. You will learn more about this through “changing images of man” session.


It will challenge your social skills and measure how you interact with other people. It could be your friends, family members, and your spouse. This session will effectively transform your social capability to understand others.


Global consciousness is another term for transpersonal consciousness. Once you become aware of transpersonal consciousness, you’ll see Amsterdam holiday in a different light. It will let us connect with ecology and every living thing around us.

Let Us Speak in Your Corporate Events accepts invitations from companies who want to introduce a paradigm shift to their organization. We are experts at the subject. The corporations we have worked with benefited from these talks. The concepts we introduced worked well and have been adopted by many individuals who went through the session with us. They are now leading great lives with a strong sense of purpose. Your organization will not only be motivated but also will face life with gratitude and self-awareness as individuals.