The Modern Age Desperately Needs Transformative ReVisioning


Have you found yourself in a situation when there is no means of escape? According to surveys, the young generation feels the imprisoning grip of the modern lifestyle. The problems we solve today are way harder than they were before. We cannot blame the young generation to feel this way. This is the reason why we need a transformative re-visioning in an age such as we are now.

The Energy of Higher Image

If you are in a difficult situation, it is easy to view the problem as big. It creates a sense of impossibility to the situation which makes it harder to solve. Calling upon the energy of your higher image makes you bigger than the problem. For example, if you ask a person to create a visual image of his or her problem, it will be an undesirable image at first. The person might give you a loathing creature in Amsterdam bike rental. But when you ask him or her the second time, after re-imagining himself or herself as powerful, the image change into something subtle or even playful.

Converting the Real World of Hard Knocks Into Pleasure

spiritualMillennials won’t understand the true meaning of “hard work” until they experience the real world. And when they experience it, they get surprised that things are not easy as they perceived them to be. This situation often leads to dropping a difficult subject, letting go of their I Amsterdam card, or opting for an easier way out in cheap night Amsterdam. Transformative ReVisioning is an effective method to push millennials further. Instead of creating unsightly images, they will turn the real world of hard knocks as a game of life.

Digging Deeper the Levels of Understanding

One of the strong suits of transformative revisioning is one may get deeper in the levels of his or her understanding. As you see how your thinking affects the outcome of your situation, you’ll understand some points of your strength and weaknesses. It could also give you some points on how you can turn your weakness into a strength. It will not only get you to Amsterdam city pass, but it will also help you reach higher levels of mastery in a game called life.